We’re Shahanaz Creative, a marketing partnership based in the Cotswolds. With a background in working with young, dynamic businesses, we specialise in a collaborative and flexible approach to marketing.

Buzzwords, cure-alls and empty metrics are not really our cup of tea. Instead, we prefer a holistic, brand-first strategy that looks to strengthen businesses from the roots up.


Who we are

We’re a pair of marketing freelancers who both learnt their trade in the travel industry, but discovered new opportunities after the pandemic.

Just as we prefer to work collaboratively with our clients, we’ve found that working in partnership is more effective, allowing our different skills to complement one another.


What we do

We specialise in providing creative and commercial marketing support to small businesses and start-ups looking to scale.

We choose to work with clients as a full-service growth advisor, managing everything from strategy to execution, covering the brand and performance marketing.

Our Services


Armed with the right strategy, we can work towards long-term and sustainable growth for your business


This is the face of your business that customers see, and it sets the tone for the kind of company you want to be


Beautiful and impactful collateral drives
engagement. If it has your name on it then it is an extension of your brand


A good website tells your brand story,
talks to your audience and seamlessly
works across all devices

Social Media

Beyond the likes, a strong social presence
can inspire, build brand loyalty and convert
prospects into leads


Whatever your budget, your business objectives need to come first, with a clear focus on measurable return for ad spend


Send a positive message to your audience, engage with their interests and lead them to keep coming back


In a very visual world, strong imagery is the foundation upon which everything else can be built


Understand the concepts and how to apply
them so you can take full control of your

Meet The Team

Nadia Shahanaz Hussain
Marketing Consultant

Nadia Shahanaz Hussain

Marketing Consultant

Rob Gardiner

Marketing Consultant

Nadia Shahanaz Hussain

Nadia spent a decade working for an award-winning luxury tour operator, including several years as their head of marketing. During this time, she successfully launched a six-figure website, hosted a travel and conservation festival at the Royal Geographical Society in London, was instrumental in guiding the business in its ESG strategy and navigated the brand through the challenges of the pandemic.

In 2021, she began working with a number of small businesses and charities – initially on a part-time basis. She eventually left travel completely in early 2023, preferring to focus on her freelance work instead.

Nadia is a self-confessed generalist but specialises in brand marketing and strategy – helping businesses to find their identity and establish a clear plan. However, her experience extends well beyond this, covering social media, online and print advertising, email campaigns, events and much more.

Marketing Consultant

Rob Gardiner

After falling into a job in travel through his love of cycling, Rob spent nearly a decade fulfilling various roles at a luxury tour operator. Initially a copywriter, he eventually worked as a product manager, sales manager and even a systems manager.

During the pandemic, he began working with a number of start-ups, initially as a web designer. This expanded into a full-time job with the creation of his own business in 2021. He now splits his time between running a successful multi-faceted cycling business and consulting for several young companies.

Although happy to be pigeonholed as a web designer, Rob’s experience spans a wide variety of areas, from copywriting and online advertising to photography and branding.

Our Clients

Wild HUts

Wild Huts specialise in handcrafted shepherd’s huts built for a variety of uses

Zolla Wheels

Zolla build high-quality carbon bike wheels, designed to be both strong and reliable

Memsahib’s Lounge

Memsahib’s serve seasonal and sustainably sourced and prepared Indian cuisine with a difference

Wild Hydrogen

Wild Hydrogen produce affordable, carbon-negative hydrogen from biogenic material

UK Bangladesh Education Trust

UKBET are an international NGO working to end child labour in Bangladesh

Shona Travel

Shona Travel is a bespoke, owner-run tour operator specialising in African safaris

The Perfidious Albion

The Perfidious Albion organise a series of ultra-endurance bikepacking events around the UK

Rustic Puglia

Rustic Puglia offers a taste of this Italian region – through stays, traditional products and events.


This start-up offers a range of practical cycling products, including their innovative illuminated bottle

silhouette photography of mountains

Working Together

Every project starts by understanding where you are and where you want to be. Every business is different, with different challenges, available resources and objectives.

We’ll work collaboratively, regardless of the scope and scale of your project. Together, we’ll achieve results that will deliver for your business.

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